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Sarfaty v. M.S.

Sarfaty v. M.S. , --- So. 3d --- (Fla. 3d DCA 2017) In this guardianship decision, the Court considered how strictly to interpret F.S. 744.331 and FPR 5.550, dealing with the required procedures following the filing of a petition to determine incapacity. It held in situations like this one, where the procedural deficiencies were a result of actions of the parties and occurred with everyone's knowledge, such deficiencies are not enough to result in a dismissal of the petition without leave to amend. The alleged deficiencies were twofold.  First, counsel for the AIP argued that the petition should be dismissed because of the alleged failure of court-appointed counsel to read the petition and form notice to the AIP.  Second, counsel argued that the petition should be dismissed because the examining committee members did not file their reports within the fifteen day period required by F.S. 744.331(3)(e).  The trial court dismissed the petition and ruled orally that an amendmen