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Hernandez v. Hernandez

Hernandez v. Hernandez , 230 So.3d 119 (Fla. 3d DCA 2017) In guardianship cases, the probate court has discretion to determine who is an "interested person" in a particular proceeding based on the particular purpose of, and the matter involved in, that proceeding. In this proceeding relating to the payment of attorney's fees from a Ward's assets, the Ward's son alleged that he had standing as an interested person to object to the payment of those fees.   The attorney's fees being sought in this case generated from the following proceedings: (1) After one of the Ward's sons allegedly mistreated her, her other son petitioned to be appointed as her plenary guardian, to which the first son objected. (2) Once the second son was appointed as plenary guardian for his mother, he engaged in an adversary proceeding against the first brother and his family for mistreating the mother. (3) The second son, as guardian, petitioned to sell the Ward's pr